Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Two More Things from the Chicago Trip ... Or, The First Movie I Want to See When I Get to Heaven

Kurosawa's Gojira (Godzilla) Movie
Listening to Tank Riot's Akira Kurosawa episode we discovered that he was good friend with the Godzilla movie director. Kurosawa always wanted to direct a Godzilla movie but the studio was terrified of the monstrous costs that doubtless would be incurred. Rightfully so I am sure. Don't you know that if we worship God through our art, then Kurosawa immediately got to work with that Gojira movie?

Now I must add that I have never seen a Kurosawa movie (hanging head in shame) although I hasten to add that there are several on my movie list. However, upon learning that Kurosawa liked The Magnificent Seven so much that he sent director John Sturges a samurai sword, I thought that I probably had a little feel for his movies. I am going to begin actively looking for them at the library.

(Note about Tank Riot: this group podcast is a lot of fun to listen to on a variety of esoteric subjects. If you are touchy about criticism, however, beware as one of the guys has a problem with the Church and Pope Benedict and lets it pop out at unexpected moments. It was like a slap in the face that surfaced completely out of nowhere during the pirates episode, for example. Based on inaccurate info as well. Ah well. However, be that as it may, that is a small thing and is not usually intrusive enough to be a problem.)

"That sounds just like something on Happy Catholic."
Mom completely cracked me up with that accusation when I was commenting on some situation (I no longer remember what). I told everyone here that what you see is what you get (albeit a little toned down and more polite). What more proof do you need?

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