Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ray Bradbury and Manifest

Rose's college does an urban art festival as part of their end of school graduation event. Open to the public, it draws around 20,000 people from the area. I have been looking forward to attending this since I heard about it at her orientation last year. (Manifest Urban Arts Festival)

Looking around the site, I was naturally drawn by Ray Bradbury's name to this video about how his story characters have inspired costumes for their parade. I already was looking forward to it but, as a lot of you know, Bradbury is one of my favorite authors. It is going to be interesting to match up costumes with stories.

By the way, we leave for this tomorrow ... oh, and also to pick up Rose and bring her home for the summer. Yes, of course ... that too!

I won't be back until next Wednesday and will be taking a blogging break, most likely, during that time. I have put up daily quotes in advance but that will be it. Unless something comes along that is just so good I can't resist. We'll see ...

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