Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Top 5 6 Movies of 2008 - Updated Twice for Extra Goodness!

Why 6? Because it's one more than 5. (In no particular order and includes movies I saw for the first time this year, regardless of their original release date. Links are to my reviews.)
  1. Iron Man: superhero origins with conversion, redemption, and Robert Downey Jr. (does it get better than that? no!) ... with awesome Catholic links to boot! I didn't review it so the link in this is to other outstanding reviews and the "Iron Man is the Catholic Batman" discussion ...
  2. Slumdog Millionaire: What does a slumdog know? The answer. With awesome Indian music to boot!
  3. Wall-E: A celebration of what makes life worth living ... with awesome silent movie tribute to boot!
  4. Sunset Blvd.: (scroll down) "The poor dope. He always wanted a pool" With awesome Billy Wilder direction to boot!
  5. Lars and the Real Girl A man, his doll, and responsibility ... with awesome Minnesota accents to boot!
  6. Lady in the Water: A fairy story in modern times is how it has been labeled by some but we realized early on that it is urban fantasy a la Neil Gaiman's style of story telling. Again we see the director's common themes of our connectedness to each other and the importance of finding our own purpose in life. This is set against the theme of how it is important to leave behind preconceptions so we can see things for what they really are, as well as conquering fear and self doubt in order to do what we must. With awesome breath-holding abilities at the bottom of that pool to boot!
Update: I thought that surely in the movies list someone would get the "one more than" joke.

2009 viewing assignment: go watch This is Spinal Tap.

Update the Second: Rose pointed out that we saw I Am Legend in 2007. Curses! The date on the review is 12-31-07! So I will merely link to that review. Which is why Joi's reminder of Iron Man made the list. Can't believe I had forgotten that movie!

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