Saturday, December 20, 2008

So you know how when you're upset and distracted ...

... and you can do something really stupid because your mind is a million miles away?

I do.

So I've been exceedingly careful when driving or walking around stores since yesterday. Don't want to add a car wreck or knocking someone over to the ills of the day.

However, I was off my guard just a little while ago, planning to do some baking, some house cleaning, to be "normal" even when my thoughts and prayers are those million miles away.

That is just about the time that you discover you probably are washing your iPod nano in the pocket of your jeans. Halfway through the cycle so that your front-loading washer won't let you rescue it.


I might get lucky and find it somewhere unexpected.

But I have a feeling that I am going to see just how well this "stress test" of an iPod turns out. And that Jeanmarie is gently laughing at me from up in heaven.

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