Thursday, August 26, 2004

Attitude is Everything ... Again

I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but Bishop Lynch High School continues to impress. A friend of Rose's had her mother die last weekend. It is a very sad situation and everyone is much shocked. However, it is during this time when BL's care and support of their students really shines.

Hannah had a friend in the same tragic circumstances last year. That was when we discovered that whenever there is such a tragedy the school goes all out to make sure that student is supported.

The funeral is announced on BL Live a few days in advance; a bus is provided to transport students; extra time is given on homework to anyone who attends so they have time to make it up; the head of the school, administration, and many teachers always go. In this instance, as Rose's friend is a freshman and school just began last week, the school also had a couple of teachers go to every freshman class and explain the procedure so the students wouldn't hesitate to attend. Rose said her French teacher asked who would be gone on Friday (Rose and her friend are in the same class) and then said she'd be gone as well to support her. What a caring and supportive environment.

I shouldn't be surprised but this extra effort is not the sort of thing I have been led to expect by our society in general. This is why we pay the tuition for this particular private school. Yes, the academics are wonderful, but its the culture that we value. This school actively supports a living Catholic culture of caring for each other ... and by living it they reinforce it for their students. Our children will not always be in such a supportive environment but what a blessing that they have it now.

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