Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Scott created an AI that looks like Shah Rukh Khan for Julie. She applies a Turing Test ...

... to recreate the Dard E Disco dance from Om Shanti Om. Scott argues that this tests only one thing and it is not intelligence.

Episode 228 of A Good Story is Hard to Find podcast: Ex Machina (2014), directed by Alex Garland; starring Alicia Vikander, Domhnall Gleeson, and Oscar Isaac.

What is Dard E Disco, you ask? It is actually meant to be funny since it is an "item number" which usually features a highly sexualized female dance. In this case female director Farah Khan turns it on its head with Shah Rukh instead of a woman. Around 2 minutes in this gets really obvious.


  1. Thank you for the dance link. It was ludicrous, hilarious and great entertainment during these days of social distancing and shelter at home so it made me laugh, and God bless the man for being the good sport to go along with it (also I did appreciate all the hard work in the gym he must have done so thank you lady director!) Congratulations all round to all involved!

    1. So glad you enjoyed it as much as I did ... and took it in the spirit it was intended! :-)