Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Well Said: Ideology and giving oneself

“Let’s think of that moment when a woman washed the feet of Jesus with the nard, so expensive: it is a religious moment, a moment of gratitude, a moment of love. And he [Judas] stands apart with bitter criticism: ‘But this could have been used for the poor!’ This is the first reference that I have found, in the Gospel, to poverty as an ideology. The ideologue does not know what love is, because he does not know how to give himself.”
Pope Francis, Encountering Truth: Meeting God in the Everyday
I never thought about the fact that the very word "ideology" distances one from the issues at hand. It systemizes and organizes and studies with a cool head. At least that's what I picked up when looking up the definition.

Whereas we are called upon to make it personal, to give with our whole hearts, to plunge in up to our elbows, to give of what is precious without counting the cost.

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