Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Yet Another Advent Thought

What a joy to be able to say at the end of our days: I have always tried to seek and to follow God's Will in everything! The successes we have had will not gladden us half so much, nor will the failures and the sufferings we have undergone matter in the slightest. What will matter to us, and matter a lot, is whether we have loved God's Will in preference to our own and made its implementation active in our lives, whether the Will showed itself, as it does at times, in a more general way, or, on other occasions, in a more immediate and very specific form. Always perceptible, it will be seen clearly enough if we do not become blind to that light of the soul we call conscience.
In Conversation with God by Francis Fernandez
Daily Meditations Vol. 1: Advent and Christmastide

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