Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Halloween Countdown: Trick or Treat

I've seen blow up pumpkins and ghosts and spiders. I prefer these.

There is actually a blog devoted to candy corn called Sweet Candy Corn. Recipes for such things as vegan candy corn or candy corn sugar cookies abound. (Via Miss Cellania)  

Then turn your attention to this horror story of sorts, especially if you are politically correct about children and sugar (I never saw that much difference in children without sugar and children with...). Candyfreak author, Steve Almond, talks about candy in his new homelife as a father.

... I had already eaten two of these transcendent morsels and was in a state I would describe as choco-euphoria. Life seemed wonderful, beautiful and without fault, and, as I picked up a third piece, I noticed my daughter gazing intently at me and the chocolate. It occurred to me that she might want a taste, and that I should offer her one. Yes, that was what I needed to do. After all, Josie was eventually going to get her first taste of chocolate. Why not share that joy with her?

I suppose I should mention that Josie was not quite 3 months old.

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  1. I love candy Corn but my favorite is the ones with Chocolate on them , and the candy corn pumpkins :-)