Friday, June 22, 2018

The Taming of the Shrew - Shakespeare in the Park

We saw this last night at the Shakespeare in the Park. I really liked the production. I was especially impressed by the way that Katherine's taming was portrayed as an understanding between equals by the end. And her final speech about women and wives hearkened back to Petruchio's harangue that his wife is his land, his barn, etc. At the time it comes off as a shocking piece of condescension, but by the end we realize it is the bookend to Katherine's realizations. Very nicely played.

We hadn't been for years and so were a bit worried about how hot it would be but, as we've discovered in the past, once the sun goes down it was quite breezy and surprisingly comfortable. Also not crowded on Thursday. So go!


  1. Are you in New York City or does your city also have Shakespeare in the park?

    1. I should've said ... the link goes to the Dallas Shakespeare in the Park site. :-)