Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Well Said: I loved the Church for Christ made visible.

I loved the Church for Christ made visible. Not for itself, because it was so often a scandal to me. Romano Guardini said the Church is the Cross on which Christ was crucified; one could not separate Christ from His Cross, and one must live in a state of permanent dissatisfaction with the Church.
Dorothy Day, The Long Loneliness
That is what we really must remember. We will often be dissatisfied with the Church or the people associated with her. But with proper perspective we can love her at the same time as we are scandalized.

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  1. I totally agree. On a couple of occasions I felt that I was ridiculed by a priest. Sometimes I felt let down by the scandals tainting the church because of certain individuals and their behaviour. But the Church is still beautiful, standing for Christ and professing Him to the world. Why should I leave my faith because of them? No, never. Catholic for life.