Monday, April 2, 2018

Lagniappe: Mr. Street's philosophy and Mr. Chesterton's

"I will begin to worry about my philosophy," said Mr. Street, "when Mr. Chesterton has given us his." It was perhaps an incautious suggestion to make to a person only ready to write books upon the feeblest provocation.
G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy
I came across this quote when reading Maisie Ward's biography of Chesterton, titled Gilbert Keith Chesterton. I can't tell you how enjoyable this book was. Maisie Ward's sense of humor, insights, and pure affection for G.K. Chesterton made her the perfect person write his biography.

Ward was a personal friend of the Chestertons and the book came out just six years after his death. That timing allowed her to have H.G. Wells and Bernard Shaw share stories and letters from their friendships with Chesterton. Both authors also read the chapters featuring them, so we know they approved of the way their friendships with Chesterton were represented. I really need to reread this book!

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