Thursday, October 12, 2017

Well Said: So What?

The more you say, "I must not worry," the more you will. I think it better simply to offer the worrying to God. ...

I have the temperament which just has to face the worst possibility, and I think, when one does, one realizes that the very worst can be accepted. My way is to say in every emergency, "Now what is the worst that can happen?" and then, "So what?" That works with me.
Caryll Houselander
This has become my habit so I was surprised to see this quote from Caryll Houselander. When faced with imaginings of the worst things I finally had to face the fact that I have almost no control over a lot of my life.

If I have no control, I know who does and to whom I must turn — Jesus. And so I imagine the worst, turn it over to Jesus to help me if it should happen and then can say, "So what?"

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