Thursday, August 10, 2017

Glen Campbell, rest in peace

It's funny. My mom loved Glen Campbell so, as a kid, I thought of him as pop music. (Also based on the radio stations he was often played on. I'd never heard of "crossover" music.) And my family was very snobby about country music so I never associated him with that.

Then I married a country music lover (to be honest, he loves practically every sort of music) and just listening to that wild variety began a broader education. Imagine my surprise when he highly praised Glen Campbell and talked about what he did for country music. I had to listen with new ears ... and heard a master.

Recognizing a lot of the famous faces around him in that clip made me realize that I knew a lot more about country music of that time period than I realized. Seeing their admiration warmed my heart.

Glen Campbell was brought vividly to mind when one of my favorite BBC radio shows, Soul Music, did an episode on one of Campbell's iconic songs, Wichita Lineman. You can listen here.

Many thanks to Marc whose email brought all this to mind and inspired this post.


  1. What a funny coincidence. When I first met my soon-to-be-husband, I got very nervous when he initially brought up his love of classic country music. But since then he has opened up a whole new musical universe to me, and Glen Campbell is among my favorites. "Gentle On My Mind" will be the first dance at our wedding next month :) Have you seen the documentary about his early journey through Alzheimer's that came out a few years ago? Sad, but very good:

  2. Eternal rest grant him O Lord. He brought joy to the world.