Thursday, July 6, 2017

We are about to become missionaries.

Yep. That’s it, in a nutshell: You and I, and the people in our parishes, and the whole church, are about to become new missionaries in a new land — in the vast, untamed and often faithless jungle where “live streams” leave no room for casting out into the deep, and bear no relation to living waters. In the neighborhoods, towns and cities where people have been so long subjected to relativistic engagement, that almost everything has become unfamiliar and strange to them.

Taking our cue from the Incarnate Word — who chose not simply to preach to us about right and wrong, but to live among us, and know us in the fullness of our humanity before he saved us — we are going to purposely push past where we are now, out of our bubbles and our safe-feeling familiarities, to meet others where they are.
The Anchoress boils down the Convocation of Catholic Leaders for us. A great piece. Read it and become inspired. I did.


  1. Thanks Julie. i had no idea of this. I posted this comment over there: "I had not heard of this Convocation. Yes, this is the Dominican Option I've been trying to drum up in my comments here and there. It is so anti-Benedict Option! I love it."