Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Julie and Scott get staggered by a statue, straightened by the Holy Ghost, and stabbed in the heart by Jesus.

And that's just three Flannery O'Connor stories. Episode 162 is their third Flannery O'Connor podcast! We discuss The Artificial Nigger, Greenleaf, and The Enduring Chill. Join us!


  1. Loved the episode. Any chance you can provide the link to Stephen Colbert reading The Enduring Chill? I would be very grateful!

    1. Managed to find a file still active! Check the Good Story blog post. It isn't ideal but it is all I could find. The downloadable mp3 was taken down a while back evidently. Hope you like it! :-)

    2. Loved it - thanks. About 20 years ago I made the pilgrimage to her grave in Milledgeville and also went to mass at the church she attended there. Your podcasts (and the fact that I have since become Catholic) have really made me want to reread her stories. In the Enduring Chill I couldn't help thinking about Ignatius' relationship with his mother in The Confederacy of Dunces. Thanks again!

    3. So glad you liked the episode and that I could find a recording! :-)

      It would be fascinating to go to Milledgeville. Never thought of that but now am going to keep it in mind if I am ever anywhere near there!