Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Jesse Tree - Day 13: Samuel

Our online Jesse Tree is to help us prepare for Christ's coming by studying His roots and Salvation History. 

Jesse Trees follow the same general outline but I've found they are widely varied in some of the details. Some may have one day for Moses, others may spend 4 days on different aspects of his life. I'll be following the basic outline but, therefore, using my own discretion in a few spots.

My sources for days and symbols are Catholic CultureLoyola PressFaith Magazine, and A few beads short.  

Day 13: Samuel

Symbols: lamp, temple

The Infant Samuel, Sir Joshua Reynolds 1723-1792
I must begin this by saying that I love the story of Hannah, Samuel's mother who prayed to God in the temple to give her a child. Read the first two chapters of 1 Samuel for her story and to see what leads up to Samuel's story.

With that example no wonder Samuel began life loving God and being obedient. Again we see the theme which runs throughout salvation history - obedience. Even when it doesn't make sense, this obedience works because God sees the big picture so much better than we do. Samuel must have needed to cling to his trust and faith in God when you think of some of the things he saw people doing, especially once Saul began ruling.

Samuel in the Temple, David Wilkie, 1839

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