Friday, April 29, 2016

Reality Check: Teddy Roosevelt and Current Political Candidates

I didn't plan it this way but I've been listening to the 10-part series on Theodore Roosevelt at Giants of History podcast. He wasn't a perfect man by any means, but there possibly couldn't be a better time to learn about Teddy Roosevelt. He is certainly a great contrast to the current political candidates. And they don't come off well by comparison.

J.T. Fusco does a bang-up job of making historical figures come alive, by the way. He's also got a series about Leonardo Da Vinci and a fair number of stand-alone episodes.

Here at Giants of History, we produce a weekly biographical podcast that explores history’s most fascinating figures from cradle to grave. In each series, we strive to highlight the best stories and most monumental moments in each subject’s respective life. Our goals are to entertain our listeners, as well as provide inspiration through education.
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