Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Must See TV: Papal Pilgrimage in the Holy Land

My friend Diana von Glahn, The Faithful Traveler, needs no introduction to the many who have enjoyed her DVDs and series: The Faithful Traveler in the Holy Land. For those who haven't seen her videos on U.S. shrines or the Holy Land, you're missing a real treat. Diana is personable, joyful, and devout (without being corny ... ok, sometimes she's corny but it works!). You get a full dose of the faith in the actual place it happened plus a way to relate to it wherever you are.

(Some day I am going to get to meet her in person and that is going to be a very joyful day. We almost got to go the Holy Land together and I rue the day I discovered that little dream was not going to happen. However, I have talked to her on the phone and she is just as genuine in person as on TV.)

Now we've got a real treat in store during May. The Faithful Traveler looks at Papal Pilgrimage in the Holy Land, in a 3-part series.
This 3-episode special explores the important history behind Papal pilgrimages to the Holy Land, including the background behind Pope Paul VI’s meeting with Patriarch Athenagoras in 1964, and the significance of the meeting of Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew in 2014.
It will show on CatholicTV, EWTN, Salt + Light, and a few other networks. Check the schedule here.

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