Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Blogging Around: Two Tributes to Mother Angelica

I was never much interested in EWTN, as I've mentioned, though I knew it did untold good. Likewise, I was never really drawn to Mother Angelica, the nun who founded EWTN, although I did read and enjoy a book or two of hers soon after I entered the Church.

Therefore, I was interested and pleased to read these heartfelt tributes from people in whose life she made a big difference. It brings me closer to what she accomplished for Christ.

Foolish Enough to Achieve What She Was Not Qualified to Do

I even remember the first episode of Mother Angelica Live that I watched where she had Fr. Groeschel on as a guest talking about his book “In the Presence of Our Lord”. Now if Mother Angelica’s appearance caught me by surprised originally, the same could be said for Fr. Benedict Groeschel. In this day and age? The banter between them quite amused me. Wow these odd looking Catholics can be pretty funny. His book was the first Catholic book I purchased.
Jeff Miller (The Curt Jester) gives a wonderful view of the paths through which Mother Angelica led him to a deeper Catholic faith.

How the ‘Pirate Nun’ Changed a Gay Man’s Life

“So (Jeff) comes in, and I’m laughing mockingly at this nun with a patch over her eye, a distorted face … and a complete old-fashioned habit,” Darrow said. “We both mocked her and laughed at her — you know, ‘Gosh, these crazy Christians.’”

Jeff left the room and Darrow was about to change the channel, when Mother Angelica “said something so intelligent, so real and so honest that it really struck me,” he said.

“You see, God created you and I to be happy in this life and the next,” Mother Angelica said through slumped lips, her good eye still twinkling behind her glasses.

Mother Angelica’s words struck a chord with Darrow that day, and he found himself secretively snatching glimpses of her episodes every chance he got: “He cares for you. He watches your every move. There’s no one that loves you that can do that.”
Jeff Darrow, a same-sex attracted man tells how he saw Mother Angelica (complete with eye patch after a stroke) and it changed his life. Via The Curt Jester.

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