Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lenten Listening: Podcasts

Another big list that I've updated from last year.

I'm a bit of a podcast junky as we all know. Here are some of my favorite faith podcasts which can prove helpful at Lent. To be fair, I tend to listen to most of them year-round.

Lanky Guys
A weekly attempt to draw some meaning and humor out of the sacred treasury of the Scriptures in the context of the liturgy.
I'm hooked on this one. Fr. Peter Mussett and Scott Powell get us ready for each Sunday by taking us through the scriptures. They read each one aloud and dig deeper into context and background about historical, scriptural and liturgical connections. They combine scholarship, humor, and joy which makes the time fly by. (website link, iTunes link)

Word on Fire
Father Robert Barron's weekly homilies. 'Nuff said. (iTunes link, website link)

Catholic Bytes
Each episode features a different priest who is in Rome right now. They have simple, understandable explanations of  a variety of topics such as the importance of the body, prayer, how Christ makes us free, saints, and much more. I often find these inspirational as well as informative. For anyone who wants to learn more  or would like a quick refresher. (iTunes link, website link)

Lectio Divina with Cardinal Thomas Collins
Cardinal Collins focuses only on a small part of Mark during each hour-long session. He reads the section aloud and then goes back over it line by line. After each line he gives some background and thoughts. He also asks some questions which may well echo in listeners' hearts. Then there is a brief pause so it can all sink in and listeners can see what strikes them. My current favorite inspirational podcast.

(iTunes link, website link)

A Good Story is Hard to Find
Two Catholic friends talk about the books and movies they love and the traces of the One Reality that lie below the surface.

Yes, this is the podcast that Scott Danielson and I do every couple of weeks. Looking for God in the stories that entertain us might be just the Lenten inspiration you need to see God interacting in your life in a whole new way. (iTunes linkwebsite link)

Catholic Under the Hood
These are like miniature "today in Catholic history" lessons. Father Seraphim tells about misunderstood or forgotten history and theology in a way that often leaves me pondering it for days afterward. He's been working his way through the history of the Church in order these days. Older episodes pick an interesting topic and jump around through history.  (iTunes link, website link)
Verbum Domini
Daily readings of the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar. Good for anyone who wants a daily dose of scripture.  I find that listening to the readings gives me a different perspective sometimes, although I often am reading them at some time from my Kindle subscription to Word Among Us. (iTunes link, website link)

Daily prayer. This podcast is usually about 10 minutes. It begins with music (they use quite a variety from Lady Blacksmith Mogambo to French monks to contemporary worship style), then read from the scripture for the day. They give time for contemplation of this scripture with a series of gently asked questions that invite us to think about it in ways we might not otherwise. (iTunes link, website link)

St. Irenaeus Ministries
I never miss this one. Scripture study that is practical. The teacher is extremely insightful in giving connections between scripture and daily life. He keeps it real and although he has an orthodox Catholic point of view, this is the podcast I recommend to non-Catholics. An essential. (iTunes link, website link)

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  1. Thanks to you, I'm already familiar with several of these, and plan to check out Irenaeus Ministries in time for Lent (i.e. asap) Thank you for all your insights! Blessings!