Saturday, February 27, 2016

Dropped my iPod. Shattered the Screen. Yep - it's Lent.

Curse you, dry hands!

I'm now somewhere in the five stages of grief.

Podcasts, audiobooks ... how the deprivation already grips me!

I'll take this as a chance to enter Lent more deeply, while I send my baby off to specialists for glass replacement.


  1. I misplaced the iPod my brother gave me when he got a replacement. I didn't realize how much I loved listening to music while I putter around the house.

  2. I hope your iPad is repaired quickly!

  3. Oh no. My ipod is my most dear device. I would be lost without it. Is fixing it worth it or is the money better spent toward a new one?

    1. $40 at iResq replaces the glass. Quite a deal!