Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Thank you, Nancy!

As my Book Challenge post will tell you on New Year's Day, I anticipate 2016 being my year of Dante's Divine Comedy. With that in mind, I planned to buy Ascent to Love by Peter Leithart as my January book purchase. (It's either limit myself to one book a month or be forced to move to a bigger house. Also, we would have no money.)

However, I was confused when I received an Amazon package this morning and this book was in it. Had I already bought it? I didn't recall doing that. But there was a last minute flurry of spending when I realized just how many people I needed to buy books for before Christmas. Did I do it then?

No. As it turns out, Nancy S. was brimful of the Christmas spirit and gave me precisely the book I wanted. I guess she was full of the actual Spirit also since she picked out precisely the book I wanted.

I lost her email but wanted to be sure I thanked her for the delightful surprise ... and precisely the right book!

Merry Christmas, Nancy, and thank you!

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  1. You are most welcome! You do so much for me, it is a small return! I wish you a very joyful & prosperous year. Nancy