Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Rose Speaks at Hannah and Mark's Wedding

Shared with Rose's permission. Tom and I are proud not only of Rose's speech but of the fact that Hannah and Rose love each other so much. That was made abundantly clear not only in this speech but when Hannah showcased her bridesmaid every chance she got, something that not every bride would do. They are such wonderful people.

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  1. I cried watching this, Julie. Thank you for sharing it. How fortunate you and Tom are, to see your daughter joyfully married.

    Hannah and Rose, perhaps you do not know how blessed you are to still be so close; to love one another so truly. I can only guess it is because you both love our Savior, and your faith in Him has strengthened everything else in your life.

    I envy you more than words can say. I am nearly to the point where I cannot remember what it was like when my sisters loved me, when they were my friends. I try to hold onto my precious memories, but they are fading. It was so long ago now.

    May you always care for one another. May you always matter to one another. God bless you.