Monday, June 29, 2015

Blogging Around: The "So Much Religious Stuff" Edition

Fourteen Things Laudato Si Says. Nine Things It Does Not Say.

Rebecca Hamilton has a nice, succinct look at Laudato Si for those of us who haven't read it yet. Or for those who let their eyes only light on the bits they liked while sliding over those they didn't want to hear.

Via GetReligion whose commentary is also worth reading.

The Benedict Option versus The Buckley Option

I'd probably opt for calling it The Chesterton Option instead of The Buckley Option, but anyway this is an interesting conversation about how we carry our Christianity into the world. Via Brandywine Books.

Gay Marriage, Slack Parents, and Religious Ceremonies

Now that the Supreme Court has let down the idea of marriage which had humanity's entire history on its side, Jennifer Fitz has a very sensible idea (one which I thought we were already doing ... maybe that's just a pipe dream or only in our parish).

Read it all, but here's the money-quote.
Ironically, if we could just follow the Catholic faith, we would have no argument with Caesar. We’ll witness the marriage of any Catholic who is prepared to receive the sacrament, end of story.

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