Friday, May 8, 2015

Well Said: What is certain in life and death

If anyone should ask: What is certain in life and death — so certain that everything else may be anchored in it? Life teaches us that this is the only true reply. Not people — not not even the best and dearest; not science, or philosophy, or art or any other product of human genius. Also not nature, which is so full of profound deception ...  The answer is: The love of Christ. … Only through Christ do we know that God’s love is forgiving. Certain is only that which manifested itself on the cross. The heart of Jesus Christ is the beginning and end of all things.
Romano Guardini, The Lord
I am certain that the love of Christ is my anchor to true reality in this world. When I look at life without focusing on Jesus is when I go astray, lie to myself, get fooled.

The full manifestation of his love is truly on the cross. It always comes back to the cross. That shadow looms over all. I cannot look away. Not from horror, but in gratitude.

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