Thursday, May 28, 2015

Well Said: The No Weapons at Work Policy

“You know that ‘no weapons at work’ policy?” I asked the twitching and growing hairy monstrosity standing less than ten feet from me. His yellow eyes bored into me with raw animal hatred. There was nothing recognizably human in that look.

“I never did like that rule,” I said as I bent down and drew my gun from my ankle holster, put the front sight on the target and rapidly fired all five shots from my snub-nosed .357 Smith & Wesson into Mr. Huffman’s body. God bless Texas.
Monster Hunters International, Larry Correia
What else are you gonna do when your boss turns werewolf?

Unfortunately that's about as interesting as this book gets, but I did love that opening sequence.


  1. The MIH books really aren't the kind of book I would start on my own, but my husband really liked them so I tried them. There was enough to keep me going through the series. I did like the Earl Harbinger books better, although they are still gorier than I enjoy.
    But I liked the Grimnoir Chronicles (starts w Hard Magic) much better. They are alternate world books, so half the fun was knowing enough history to recognize all the real characters mixed in. But I thought they were less cynical/gory/something than the MIH books, although still age-restricted in my house.

    1. I agree. I didn't like the first of the Monster Hunters books. I had tried the Grimnoir Chronicles first and liked them much better, though they have a similar problem in that the action sequences go on for way too long. Grimnoir, however, has much more depth and interest. I've read the first two and eventually will get to the third in the trilogy.