Friday, October 10, 2014

Well Said: One does not set a Force in motion lightly.

“... But if I go with the Host ... then I go as an agent of the Holy Catholic Church, prepared to execute what I would consider the most spiritual rites of my office. Then I go as Christ’s representative on earth.” He was now looking at Matt seriously, solemnly. “I may be a poor excuse for a priest—at times I’ve thought so—a bit jaded, a bit cynical, and just lately suffering a crisis of ... what? faith? identity? ... but I still believe enough in the awesome, mystical, and apotheotic power of the church which stands behind me to tremble a bit at the thought of accepting your request lightly. The church is more than a bunch of ideals, as these younger fellows seem to believe. It’s more than a spiritual Boy Scout troop. The church is a Force ... and one does not set a Force in motion lightly.”
Stephen King, Salem’s Lot
It's funny how you can read a book so many times that you feel you have memorized it and then something new grabs you by the throat. Of course, when one is reading a book in order to discuss it then one is particularly alert and I was reading this for our A Good Story is Hard to Find conversation. But it was interesting to see that Stephen King represented the Church in a way I hadn't noticed at all before.

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