Thursday, August 7, 2014

Well Said: Doing as He tells you

Do you ask, "What faith is in him?" I answer, the leaving of your own way, you objects, you self, and the taking of His and Him ... and doing as He tells you. I can find no word strong enough to serve the weight of this necessity—this obedience.
George MacDonald, The Truth in Jesus
George MacDonald's writing was formational for C.S. Lewis as a Christian, who consequently held obedience to be very important. Interestingly this is what has been emphasized to me repeatedly by my spiritual director. In my own case it has been through conversation about Abraham and various other Biblical figures that have happened to come up before my conversations.

I say happened to come up as if there was coincidence to it. When one is meeting with a spiritual director and goes in armed with passages about obedience, even if one cannot see it until it is pointed out, it is not coincidence but the Holy Spirit making a point.

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