Monday, June 16, 2014

Jordan on My Mind

You know how it is. You never think or hear of something and then once it is brought to your attention, you see it mentioned everywhere.

That is the case with me and Jordan, about which I knew nothing except that Jordan almonds do not have anything to do with the country.

Then I read The Faithful Traveler's post about Jordan which made me really interested in it. (You do know Diana and I are going to the Holy Land together next spring, right? Of course, you do!)

My husband knows one thing about Jordan: the royal family's tendency to have beautiful models as queens. (Queen Noor, Queen Rania, both his favorite type as it turns out.)

Catching up with Neil Gaiman's blog last week I saw that he'd been to Jordan for the UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency, to visit the Syrian Refugee Camps and report on what he found.
I came away from Jordan ashamed to be part of a race that treats its members so very badly, and simultaneously proud to be part of the same human race as it does its best to help the people who are hurt, who need refuge, safety and dignity. We are all part of a huge family, the family of humanity, and we look after our family.
I didn't go read the Guardian article but I read this follow-up blog post instead, Why I Am Smiling in This Picture, which made me like Gaiman even more and also, of course, the fact that that camp is there for those kids.

And then yesterday our youngest daughter, Rose, was video Skyping for our usual Sunday chat. She was talking about her friend, Natalie, who as it turns out is Jordanian. It sounds like a really wonderful place as Rose told about Natalie's reminiscences of grade school, the vagaries of giving directions because street names are so long, and the way families will dominate entire floors of apartment buildings so they can all live next door to each other.

I'd love to see it for myself!

That 3-Day Extension into Jordan is sounding better and better, for our Holy Land Pilgrimage.

The brochure is at the printer but the pdf is ready right here for anyone interested. Just right-click and download. Diana's site has the entire itinerary with extra details on the Jordan extension.

Which I will make free to include below. Check it out ... Petra! You know -- Indiana Jones, Sean Connery, and "he chose poorly!" That's a must see!

We start the day early walking the Stations of the Cross along the Via Dolorosa, ending with Mass in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Then make our way to the Pools of Bethesda and theChurch of St. Anne. We’ll visit Bethany, the home of Lazarus, Mary and Martha. Our last stop is Ein Karem’s Church of the Visitation and the Church of St. John the Baptist.
In the afternoon, we’ll break off from the rest of the group and make our way to Jordan, where we’ll settle into the amazing Marriott Hotel in Amman. (B. D.) 
APRIL 26, 2015 | DAY 10 | AMMAN, PETRA
We begin our day touring the amazing city Amman. Then, we make our way south, to the magical ruins at Petra. The day’s itinerary may seem short, but when you see what’s at Petra, you won’t want to leave! (B. D.) 
Today we visit some of the other amazing sites in Jordan, like Mount Nebo, where the Lord showed Moses the Promised Land, and where Moses died and was buried. We’ll see the 6th century map atMadaba, then make a stop at Bethany Beyond the Jordan, where most scholars believe Jesus was baptized by St John the Baptist in the River Jordan, and where Pope Francis recently visited on his pilgrimage to the Holy Land! Then, we make our way back to Jerusalem for a farewell dinner and departure. (B. D.) 


  1. This is going to be so much fun.

  2. Tiberius on the Sea of Galilee shouldn't be missed, and they have beautiful places to stay there. Nazareth is also very interesting. Just be prepared for excessive heat! :) Can get over 120 F. even in the spring.

    1. Luckily I'm from Texas so heat, though I don't like it, is a constant. It doesn't make me immune but it does get me better prepared than someone from Minnesota! :-D