Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Word From Our Sponsor: Already, over its waters, stirred the breath of God

God, at the beginning of time, created heaven and earth. Earth was still an empty waste, and darkness hung over the deep; but already, over its waters, stirred the breath of God.
Genesis, The Holy Bible, Knox Translation
I'd read this over at The Art of Manliness about hand copying the work of those you want to emulate in writing. At one point the piece mentioned the long history of the faithful in meditating upon God's word by hand copying Scripture.

I thought, "Well, nothing could be easier." Especially since I'd finished reading Exodus in the afternoons. I took my Knox bible out to the back yard with a notebook and pen. I began at the beginning, with Genesis.

And couldn't get past those two lines.

The sheer loveliness of them.

The imagery of "already, over its waters, stirred the breath of God" took away my power to go any further.

I turned those lines over and over, simply unable to think of anything else.

Until I finally went into the house, awed and humbled and grateful once again ...