Monday, March 3, 2014

Tom's Tip: A Geography of Time by Robert V. Levine

Does everybody in the world share the same perception of time? In A Geography of Time, psychologist Robert Levine puts time to the test by sending teams of researchers all over the world to measure everything from the average walking speed to the time it takes to buy a stamp at the post office. Levine scatters his findings among engaging accounts of his own encounters with the various perceptions of time in different cultures.
As is his wont, Tom passes along various interesting tidbits from his reading. A Geography of Time has such intriguing concepts that I now want to read this when he's finished. I never would have thought that time could be examined in relation to human culture in so many different ways.

As it is, it has already had an effect on our own household. We now talk about things being "event based" or "clock based" in our own lives. And it makes a difference in how I think of my own schedule.

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