Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Upside of Only Taking Two Weeks Off in August. N'est Ce Pas?

This is great because it both pokes fun at ourselves as Americans and also says what we're all thinking deep down ... so it celebrates us as Americans.

The next times someone compares us to Europeans, watch this. I might be watching it once a week. Yeah. I get a lot of those sorts of comments.


  1. Hey, that car reminds me of Mickey's new car. Skip to the 2 min mark if you just want to see the new car, but the whole episode is really cute.

    I guess I've been watching too many cartoons with my four year old. :)

  2. Funny commercial.

    Unfortunately, when I see the actor, Neal McDonough, I can only think of the psycho-villain he played on "Justified" and I get creeped out!

  3. Neal McDonough,was the actor who was fired for refusing to do sex scenes. He cited his Catholicism and marriage as the basis for his stand; too bad he has that negative association for you.

  4. A friend of mine sent this to me as a sort of indictment of our long working hours (she's living in France), but it made me laugh. And T, I laughed even harder because I pictured Quarle saying this on his way to "work." :)

    Sparrow, that's right! The show he was fired from isn't on anymore now, is it?