Friday, January 3, 2014

Worth a Thousand Words: Le Loup d'Aggubio

Luc-Olivier Merson - Le Loup d'Aggubio
I just love the level of detail in this painting and the foreign feel, both of faraway lands and of faraway times. Also, as nearly as I can ascertain the wolf (le loup) has a halo over his head ... which is a nice touch.


  1. So what's the story behind the painting? All I could find was that the artist created the front mosaic at Sacre Couer (my favorite part of Paris). :)


    1. There isn't much available on the artist. I did see a blog that suggested the origin might be the legend of St. Francis taming a wolf. Although there is no St. Francis in this painting ... so one can only guess. :-)

    2. I feel a story coming on. :)

  2. Gubbio is the town in Italy where Francis "converted" the wolf. Love seeing the animal fed by shopkeepers and birds playing fearlessly nearby.