Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Reading Envy Begins a Podcast

Reading Envy is Jenny's book blog. I got to know Jenny via SFFaudio where she manages the books for review and is often on their podcast. I keep an eye on Reading Envy because Jenny's the sort of person I always admire ... when the Booker List nominees come out ... wait for it ... Jenny sits down and reads all the books to see which she thinks should win!

She does this for lots of award lists.

And she does book challenges for things like reading a book from every country of the world.

I think she might be superhuman.

Jenny is also an interesting reader to stalk on Goodreads because she reads all sorts of books that I'd never pick up. I like seeing her take on them and sometimes ... every so often ... I step outside my own comfort zone and try some of her favorites.

So when Scott Danielson told me that he and Jenny were beginning a monthly book discussion podcast I said, "Where do I subscribe?"

They aren't on iTunes yet, but the first episode is out (thanks to my connections I got an early review copy) and I really enjoyed it. This is designed to be book chat similar to the sort that pals would have when they get together occasionally, not going into anything indepth but just ... talking books.

Really fun and I have a new book on my "to read" list. Give it a try.

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