Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Y'all, You Guys, or Youse? Our Time Waster for This Morning.

We spent a very enjoyable hour going through this word quiz as a group. Then we saw that at the end they will give you their best guess on where you are from. So I went and took it myself. (Warning, the last map with the overall conclusion loads super slowly compared to all the other maps ... be patient or you'll lose the whole thing.)

I wound up with Spokane, Tacoma, Portland which were way off based solely on the word "kitty corner", but the map does show a very high match to Kansas where I grew up and North Texas, where I now live. I could see real connections on certain words to my time in Houston and my parents' Cincinnati / Illinois connections also.

Then I saw you could link to the specific map results and so took it a second time to try to capture the map, was asked a few different questions in the mix. I wound up still with stubborn Spokane but two more realistic cities about my word learning: Des Moines and Wichita.

None of this is as good as the Dictionary of Regional English which would be my wish if a bookish fairy godmother showed up to ask what very expensive books I'd love to read for the next year. But its fun enough and interesting. Enjoy!


  1. Ha ha. Someone in my conlang group on facebook posted this. It placed me in Santa Rosa (no idea where in Cali that is), Albuquerque (only travelled through), and Virginia Beach - the only one right because my entire family has lived here for at least several years. I grew up on Marine Corps bases.

  2. Apparently I belong on the West Coast. Who knew that the West Coast of the US is so similar to the East Coast of Canada? Bakersfield, Santa Clarita, and Corona are so far away...

    Or maybe I'm just odd.

  3. My results were bang-on. Philadelphia/Baltimore/Newark.

    Thanks for posting this Julie; I really enjoyed it.

    Tante Leonie