Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Worth a Thousand Words: Santa Classics

These are my favorites of a wonderful series which I found via Lines and Colors, as with so many good things artistic.

Photographer Ed Wheeler dresses up as Santa, carefully sets the lighting and then photographs himself in the right position to insert into famous works of art. He's got a wonderful sense of humor.

Check out Santa Classics site to see all the art and read Ed Wheeler's blog.

The Santa Classics will be on display in Philadelphia until December 21, and cards featuring his images are available at the Philadelphia Museum of Art shop and online store.


  1. So how 'bout Santa punching out the Grinch as an Arian? Whoop!

  2. Julie, you've done such a great thing, posting these Santa pictures! Thank you!! They're such fun.

    Cathy Barber