Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Worth a Thousand Words: Yul Brynner Reads

Yul Brynner Reads
via Awesome People Reading
Is it art? I don't know. But it is Yul Brynner and that's someone I could look at all day. All. Day.


  1. A handsome man indeed, and a great actor with a beautiful voice.

    The current cabbages-in-a-row actors, both men and women, tend to look and sound alike, rows of post-adolescents, the men/boys with a uniform shadow of three-day facial hair and a tendency to a whiny valley-speak.

    In, say, RIO BRAVO, Ricky Nelson, John Wayne, Dean Martin, and Walter Brennan each brings his looks, voice, demeanor, walk, personality, and distinctive acting style to the sets, making a solid but admittedly routine script into a wonderful and layered (I hate to employ a cliche', but here it's true) work of art.

    Modern actors should not be afraid to sound and look like men, not identical twenty-somethings.

  2. Excellent point ... and one that applies to my favorite Brynner movie, The Magnificent Seven.