Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Worth a Thousand Words: Rembrandt's Elephants

I picked this up via lines and colors, one of my very favorite art blogs. It caught my eye because (a) I love elephants, (b) I love Rembrandt, (c) Sam in Lord of the Rings - which I'm rereading now - loves oliphants, and (d) I really, really loved seeing an elephant in Eden. Check out the next drawing.

Be sure to go to lines and colors to see why Rembrandt's elephants were featured and for more of his olliphant drawings.


  1. That first one *looks* like a Rembrandt. I'm not sure how elephant wrinkles can look like a Rembrandt, but they do. As for the elephant's expression, that's Rembrandt himself, "Self Portrait with Two Circles" in profile.

    It's a Rembrelephandt.