Friday, November 15, 2013

The Basics ... in Prayer Together

I am swamped. It is my usual catalog season. And I have to be out of the office some for various other reasons. We're also short a person who is at the hospital with his family right now ... and that is what prompted me to stop and post these prayer requests.

Prayer Request #1
Our coworker's father had a bit of neck pain for a few weeks. When he went to the doctor they found that slow-growing kidney cancer had somehow lodged a tumor in his neck that had actually consumed one of the vertebrae.

Naturally this is devastating to the family and the poor father is undergoing numerous procedures and partial surgeries just to properly evaluate the situation.

The family is gratefully accepting offers of prayer. Please lift them up in your prayers that they will come through this dark time closer to God and with healing for body and soul.

Prayer Request #2
I can't say this better than Deacon Greg (and who can really ever say things better than Deacon Greg?).
Today stand up for someone who can't. 
That would be Thomas Peters.
As you probably know, he’s facing a long road back from the debilitating accident that crippled him this summer.
He’s written about it himself with pathos and poignancy—and a beautiful clarity. 
Now, his friends are rallying to help.
Pray. Donate. Spread the word. Visit this website to learn how.  
But if you do nothing else, please just whisper a prayer of trust and hope.

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