Monday, October 21, 2013

The Litany of the Counsel of the Saints VII

Magnificat has this wonderful litany this month leading up to All Saints' Day. I thought it might be good to divide it up with a few every day so that I could reflect on them better. So I'm sharing it with y'all ... there will be a posting of part of this litany every day throughout October.
This litany is a meditation on what some of the saints have spoken or written. As we listen to these saints, we pray for a deeper personal participation in their sanctity. This litany represents only a small sampling of the vast communion of the saints. Feel free to add our favorites to it. One option is to sing the litany and its response.

R. (Saint's name), pray for us

Saint Gregory the Great: "We have been truly set free from subjection to sin because we are united to him who is truly free." R

Saint Maximos the Confessor: "God made us so that we might become partakers of the divine nature and sharers in his eternity, and so that we might come to be like him through deification by grace." R

Saint Bede the Venerable: "We should rejoice that the Lord deigns to visit our hearts, and that he deigns to illumine this Passover of our good actions by his benevolent presence." R 
Saint Bernard: "In the measure that grace's kingdom is extended, sin's power is weakened." R

Saint Dominic: "I shall be more useful to you after my death and I shall help you more effectively than during my life." R

Saint Francis of Assisi: "May I feel in my heart, as far as possible, that abundance of love with which you, Son of God, were inflamed." R

Saint Anthony of Padua: "Let us pray that the Lord Jesus Christ pour his grace into us by means of which we ask for and receive the fullness of true joy. R 
Saint Clare: "Live and hope in the Lord, and let your service be according to reason." R


  1. Thank you for sharing this! I love learning a bit about so many of the cannonized saints of our faith! This is great...a small portion at a time.

  2. You are very welcome! I always am interested to see what hits me each year ... it is almost always something different from a saint that I'd never noticed was included.