Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Catholic Radio in North Texas

I don't listen to the radio other than when our clock alarm goes on in the morning to the classical station.

In fact, I'm always surprised that so many people do listen to the radio and will mention it on a regular basis. One of these is a friend who is addicted to Catholic radio. In her case, I think she'd agree that it has become a great source of faith formation and learning. I ask what station it is on, she looks vague and can't remember, and that's as far as I've pursued the question.

If I DID listen to the radio, Guadalupe Radio Network (910 AM) is probably a place that I'd land a lot. They've got shows I've been on, shows by people whose blogs and books I've read, and since most people don't listen to Catholic podcasts the way I do, then this is where you're going to find trustworthy information about living your faith everyday in a way that helps draw you closer to God. (Check out their schedule here.)

I bring all this up because we had an announcement from someone with all this info after Mass was done on Sunday. And they had schedules ... in Spanish and English because they are bilingual (850 AM Spanish).

As I say, I may not listen to the radio but I have friends who do and I've heard about the difference it has made in their lives. If you've been wondering about something better than standard radio fare, here's your spot ... 910 AM.

(They have a network of stations around the state and in a few other states too, by the way, so this isn't just a North Texas thing.)

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