Friday, August 23, 2013

Well Said: "The trouble is," said Miss Marple ...

From my quote journal and a book that I highly recommend to any mystery lovers.
"The trouble is," said Miss Marple, "that people are greedy. Some people. That's so often, you know, how things start. You don't start with murder, with wanting to do murder, or even thinking of it. You just start by being greedy, by wanting more than you're going to have."

She laid her knitting down on her knee and stared ahead of her into space. "That's how I came across Inspector Craddock first, you know. A case in the country. Near Medenham Spa. That began the same way, just a weak amiable character who wanted a great deal of money. Money that that person wasn't entitled to, but there seemed an easy way to get it. Not murder then. Just something so easy and simple that it hardly seemed wrong. That's how things begin... But it ended with three murders."
Agatha Christie, 4:50 From Paddington

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  1. Miss Marple and M. Poirot are well-grounded in faith, not in situational ethics. On one occasion, when an acquaintance suggests that Poirot solves crime solely because of the challenge, Poirot replies "No. I have a bourgeois attitude toward murder -- I disapprove of it."

    And perhaps not irrelevant is that Poirot is bald through genetics, not fashion, and that he would never degrade himself with a goatee, knee pants, or baseball cap, or address Hastings as "Duddddde."