Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lagniappe: You did not order invisible pie.

"I think my pie is here now," you say unnecessarily as the pie is quite visibly placed in front of you. You did not order invisible pie. You hate invisible pie.
Welcome to Night Vale
This is from the Welcome to Night Vale podcast which I tried out long ago but Rose just reminded me of recently. Imagine a Lovecraftian town's community radio station. That is what listening to this podcast is like. 

The hooded figures in the dog park which we should not look at or even mention, the glow cloud which hovers over the town, the sheriff's secret police who are busy hunting down the libertarian graffiti artists, or old lady Josie and her angels are all just part of the rich fabric that make up this little community.

There is no actual story that I can discern although there are enough repeating elements that one smiles when Carlos the Beautiful Scientist is mentioned or when the announcer talks about having to buy low calorie food to feed the station's cat which permanently hovers in the bathroom.

Even without a story I find this oddly bemusing and addictive. Or perhaps that is the effect of obeying the mysterious metal pyramid's thought emanations. I'm not sure any more.

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