Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness

We enjoyed it a lot although I wished it were smarter and my world was not rocked by some things which I don't want to spoil for anyone.

Plus, I see that Amy H. Sturgis's world was rocked by some of those things, sooooo ... I won't say either of us is wrong, but that we have different taste in our Star Trek reboots. And I'm ok with that. Totally.

I'd been saving Amy's post until I'd seen the movie and it is well worth reading. For one thing her footnotes (yes, she has footnotes and I loved them) are worth the price of admission for those of us who love the Sherlock Holmes reboot featuring Benedict Cumberbatch.

Most of all I love this from her post (which doesn't ruin anything):
I'd watch the spin-off series of Captain Sulu, Intergalactic Badass.

Also, Karl Urban - we want more, we want more! What the heck J.J. Abrams?!

No matter what, this movie is great fun and I endorse it wholeheartedly.

Ladies, you may be interested to know: the first moment when we see Benedict Cumberbatch in his bad-ass black duster ... swoon-worthy. I'm just sayin'...


  1. Now I'm *really* excited to see the film; thanks for the recommendation! Also, when is Benedict Cumberbatch *not* swoon-worthy? Just sayin'... ;)

    1. He always seemed far too weird in the Sherlock series but here his presence almost literally took my breath away. :-)

    2. Ah, maybe the fact that I found him swoon-worthy in Sherlock means that I'M weird. Hmmm... :)

  2. Bummer about McCoy. Some people (like JJ Abrams and Mark Kermode) think that the central relationship is the Kirk-Spock relationship, but I would argue the Kirk-Spock-McCoy relationship is really the center and is much more interesting. Spock is the cold-blooded logical one and McCoy is the hot-blooded emotional one, with Kirk finding the proper balance between them and achieving the properly human response to whatever situation they face. Someone should send a memo to Abrams, though I guess he's off Star Trek now that he's been Jedi-mind-tricked into doing the next Star Wars movies.

    We hope to see the Star Trek movie soon. I've set my expectations to medium, anticipating a fun if not super-smart ride.

    1. Excellent point. Heather Ordover pointed out about the McCoy-Spock arguments being a very Jewish way of working out a problem or finding solutions.

  3. Happy Catholic, I love ya, but stop saying "reboot" and "bad*ss." Stop it. Stop it now. Like "Dig those crazy hepcats, man" and "talk to the hand," they are relics. (so am I, but...)

    1. 23 skidoo!

      So you prefer tweakboot? I'd have used it but really wasn't sure if you'd understand me! :-D

      Anyone who worries about keeping up with the fast moving world of slang is far too worried about their age. For example I have watched "awesome" come in the '80s, slide away, and now come roaring back. Pfft. I nevah liked it. I prefer peachy keen.

      Must go and rouge my knees now. (And if you don't know where that comes from then you are not a big enough relic OR book nerd!) :-D

  4. Dear Julie,

    What's happenin', groovy chick!

    Maybe I'll take a moment to channel the wonderful Barbara Billingsley's Jive Lady in AIRPLANE!

    I just don't need to know about the concept of rouging one's knees; the possibilities suggest an abyss of horrors from which one's soul might never escape.

    Life is a joy, isn't it!

    Stay cool, like, totally,

    - Mack in Texas