Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cardinal Dolan Receives 2013 William Wilberforce Award

I am impressed both by Cardinal Dolan's speech and the group who honored him with the award.
The annual William Wilberforce Award is given to present its recipient as an example and model of the witness of real Christianity making a difference in the face of tough societal problems and injustices. It is named for the eighteenth-century British parliamentarian, whose impassioned, well-reasoned debates and writings helped end Britain’s slave trade and reform the corroding values of England. The example of Wilberforce and his friends sparked a sweeping spiritual movement throughout the country, which in turn transformed a variety of social ills.

In a similar vein, this award is presented both to encourage Christians to follow its recipient’s example and to demonstrate to the secular world the benefits of Christian influence in society.

The purpose of the award has never been to venerate, enrich, or magnify an individual, but—through lifting that person up as an example—to inspire others to action.

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