Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What I'm Reading: Extinction Machine (Joe Ledger #5) by Jonathan Maberry

Extinction Machine (Joe Ledger #5)Extinction Machine by Jonathan Maberry

Joe's back.

Pulled off vacation, Joe Ledger is knocking on research lab doors with Top and Bunny, looking into cyber-attacks so clever they can't be tracked back to anyone. But no one's answering, even though all the lights are on. Until a couple of men in black, who seem strangely inhuman, step onto the loading dock.

And mayhem ensues.


Joe's back.

Sorry Moonstone. Sorry Jane Eyre. Sorry Middlemarch. Sorry stack of audiobooks that I just got in the mail. You're sweet and ... uh ... we'll always be good friends. But I've got to go.

I've got a date.

Joe's back.

And I've got to slip into my slinkiest pair of earbuds.

(Review copy from Audible, via SFFaudio.)

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