Friday, March 8, 2013

Well Said: Brusque Holiness

From one of my older quote journals. As I recall Therese was reporting what she'd learned on a retreat. Regardless, the lesson works for me.
... I learned that much of true holiness is direct, brusque, to the point — are you grouchy? Don't be. You wan to gossip? Don't. You and your husband each have a preference? (Or your co-worker, or your parent, don't panic) — give in to their preference.

Doesn't that sound a little, well unaccommodating, uncoddling? Darn right. We are adults and this is the meat, we're way past the spiritual milk. Why do we demand to be charmed into doing what is right? Why must we insist on being driven in golf carts on the Way of the Cross? Our pasts mean nothing, our dysfunctions, our habits — do we claim to be new creatures in Christ?
Therese Z., Exultet


  1. The quote is from Exultet blog of October 16, 2006. The entry is called Holy Boldness- retreat review.