Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Well Said: The Devil and Good Market Value

From my go-to devotional, which I am back to reading now that it is Lent.
The temptations of Our Lord are also the temptations of his servants individually. But the scale of them, naturally, is different; the devil is not going to offer you and me all the kingdoms of the world. He knows his market; offers, like a good salesman, just as much as he thinks his customer will take. I suppose he thinks, with some justice, that most of us could be had for five thousand a year, and a great many of us for much less. Nor does he, to us, propose his conditions so openly; his offer comes to us wrapped up in all sorts of plausible shapes. But, if he sees the chance he is not slow to point out to you and to me how we could get the thing we want if we would be untrue to our better selves, and not infrequently if we would be untrue to our Catholic loyalties.
R.A. Knox, Pastoral Sermons
via In Conversation with God
Daily Meditations Volume Two: Lent and Eastertide

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