Thursday, January 3, 2013

Worth a Thousand Words: The Little Fruit Seller

The Little Fruit Seller (1670), Bartolomé Esteban Murillo.
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  1. the little fruit seller

    how many coins do we have? you count
    and I’ll see; call out as you count, tell me
    how much exactly; and then how many days
    it will take us to…Little Boy with his crutches
    can buy a new one, maybe
    and a new shawl for mama…
    throw it, one coin against the other as you count;
    I love to hear the clink of coins…ha, ha –
    you know, sometimes
    I even lick a coin to see if it’s pure…mama says I’d get sick
    if I did that…yeah, certainly not as sweet on the tongue
    as the grapes and fruit we sell, but certainly tastes well
    to me in my mind
    have you another coin in the other palm?
    this day a Lord’s servant bought
    some grapes in the street corner;
    she said it was for her master’s table,
    and our grapes were glowing and fresh
    much as what her master loves…and she was kind to me…
    did you count the other coin? sometimes I wonder, you know,
    how many coins we will need till the end of our lives,
    like to the time, say, when Old Boko died last autumn –
    how many coins will it take to see us to that moment?
    Yes, and of course, how many grapes
    would we need to sell to collect that amount?

    poem based on the painting “The Little Fruit Seller” by MURILLO, Bartolomé Esteban (b. 1617, Sevilla, d. 1682, Sevilla); image from wikipedia